Please Sir, May I Have Some More?

Hot on the heels of the batch of pictures from last week, here are some new pictures taken over my four-state jaunt last weekend.

Tara pointed out to me recently that I don’t tend to take pictures of people. She’s right[1], and I’m trying to figure out why that is. Lord knows I met some interesting characters last weekend. I guess I just don’t want to bother people to take their picture, and whatever peculiar joy I get from taking pictures rarely arises from posed, smiling[2] shots. I’m still trying to figure out what sparks the “ooh grab the camera” reaction in my head. Looking through my pictures, the one recurring theme is that my subjects either seem odd (weird signs), or one-time-only (cloud formations). Maybe I shouldn’t think about the impulse too much. I might lose it.

1.) Actually the only times I like to take pictures of people are when they’re not aware I’m doing it.
2.) Read: Fake

One thought on “Please Sir, May I Have Some More?”

  1. You are too funny mister! I actually like to take pictures when they aren’t aware of it……oh wait…..that’s only with you! J/K! I do enjoy your pics but I agree you should show that you actually do have some human contact. Just a little. We can pose for you tonight in fron of the Elizabethtown poster! 🙂

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