“10 Years, Man!”*

Once again, decade awareness sets in, as last weekend I went to Tara‘s 10 year high school reunion in Arkadelphia. I guess she just wanted some backup, so she invited me. Initially we thought we should go in there and make up stories about our lives, but Tara is a horrible liar so we abandoned that idea. It was interesting to watch such a gathering from a distance. I was a little disappointed that I didn’t at least use a fake Scottish accent for the evening.

The attire was “dressy casual,” the meaning of which Tara and I spent far too long debating. Pictures hopefuly soon. We were dressed just a bit better than most of the people there. Initially our plan was to head back to Little Rock after the event, but her mom pulled rank, so Tara stayed in Arkadelphia. I was hoping to have all of Sunday for us to play. We did get to have some brief fun Friday night; I made dinner and we looked at each other’s yearbooks and photo albums. We were supposed to go to the State Fair, but Tara missed her flight and didn’t get in until 10 or so.

Anyway, with nothing to do on Sunday I was a little mopey, so I called Heather and we went to see Domino. If Keira Knightly playing a gun-toting badass doesn’t lift a man’s spirits, I don’t know what will. This movie represents everything that is wrong with American culture, so naturally it was great. Someone in the film refers to a “ferret on crystal meth,” which is actually a pretty accurate description of the movie itself.

* Are you happy now, Josh?

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