Weekend Update

I had a marvelous time Saturday running errands with Katherine. We went to Target and Barnes & Noble and bought more than we probably should have. I went to Target to get a portable CD player, but Katherine got hooked on a quest for some elusive, magical pants. Ordinarily the women’s department is not the kind of place I generally enjoy visiting, but Target makes the job so much more amusing by virtue of its wide selection of cartoon-emblazoned underwear. Am I the only person that thinks putting Bert and Ernie on panties is just a little disturbing?

At Barnes & Noble I picked up the new Steve Martin paperback, The Pleasure of My Company. I finished his last book, Shopgirl, recently and I highly recommend it. The movie will be out soon, starring Martin, Claire Danes and Jason Schwartzman. Hopefully it will do the book justice. It would seem a fairly unfilmable story given that there’s only the slightest quantity of dialogue to be found in the book. Perhaps it will be tone-poem-esque in its delivery. That would rock. It would make a great silent film.

Superflux played a gig that night at Arkansas Blast, a car stereo competition. It’s amazing to me how many people will put more money into their cars than their residences; and it’s doubly amazing to me what people consider fashionable and attractive in their modes of dress. I don’t say that to be snotty; God knows my fashion sense is just a couple rungs above Bob from Tom the Dancing Bug, but some people truly believe that Def Leppard are paragons of fashion.