Diet Trends and Social Security

Reflecting on the recent hullaballoo on Social Security and how it will supposedly crash on us, I began to wonder about how many children from the 70’s and 80’s will actually make it past age 65, given the dietary trends of the past few decades. Fast food and microwaveable meals, two terribly unhealthy and overwhelmingly popular sources of nourishment, really took hold during those generations. Factor that in with an overall decline in cooking skills, and you may have a recipe for untimely demises for people my age. We have a tendency to think that in the future people will be living longer, but given the eating trends of the last few decades I have to wonder if the opposite may prove true.

I’m going to make fish and broccoli tonight. What are you having?

4 thoughts on “Diet Trends and Social Security”

  1. i had saag aloo from the crazy people at star of india. its spinach and potato curry mush. also a vegtable samosa (my favorite). thank you please!

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