Memo to Dave Chappelle

Dave Chappelle went on an unexpected hiatus this year just before beginning his third season. No doubt the pressure of following up two seasons of already-classic comedy is enormous, so here’s something I thought of that might help Dave on his return, a sketch that explains his departure:

The pressure was too much to bear, so Dave has to find some new place to mine for comedy. So he visits the comedy mines administrated by Billy Dee Williams. But it’s a trap! Wayne Brady’s back to take over the show and so Dave has to go on Whose Line Is It Anyway? to prove his comedy Jedi skills. It’s a draw until Billy Dee offers Dave a Colt 45, which Dave and Wayne use in an object-improv showdown. Dave comes up with more bits using the can than Wayne, and wins. Billy Dee says “works every time.”

I really should get back to work.