Barry: “But I’m The Tick!”

So I’m now covered in tick bites. I haven’t had tick bites since camp. I’m sure I’ll get Lyme Disease now, as I failed to properly remove the seed ticks with tweezers as all the field guides tell you. Sorry but those bastards had to be removed in the car manually. I probably should have tossed my clothes into the wash before I took my shower rather than after…I wonder if I’ll have little ticks running around my house and onto my pets. Maybe I’m just being paranoid but Billie seemed to be scratching herself an awful lot last night. I have about 30-odd bites on me now as punishment for going into the woods unprepared. I guess I’m just glad I don’t have poison ivy. I’m such a dork.

3 thoughts on “Barry: “But I’m The Tick!””

  1. I don’t think it is possible that you would have Lyme Disease. My boss actually DOES have it, which took something like three years to diagnose (the other possibility was MS). Anyhoozal, he’s from Boston, and from what I understand it is mostly ticks in the Northeast that are likely to carry Lyme. I’m sure you are fine. Itchy, perhaps…but fine, nonetheless.

  2. wow. 57, eh? I’d be whiney, too. Better The Whiney than The Limey (which is my secret pet name for my boss when I’m mad, which is a lot. And yes, I am aware that I will be going straight to hell in a handbasket)

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