Terminology and Categorization

For whatever reason, it recently occurred to me that saying “I am the Alpha and the Omega” sounds so much cooler than saying “I am the A and the Z,” which is what a true modern translation would be. The former sounds like a weighty pronouncement, while the latter sounds like a bad advertising slogan. Just another great example of how important proper translations are.

In other news, I’ve categorized most all of my past blog entries for your convenience and my narcissism. See the bottom left of the navigation for links broken down by topic. Remember that once you click a category (or an archive for that matter) you have to click the title of the entry to see the full text.

Pictures from the weekend and the last week or two. The first half are all camera phone pictures, so that explains the haziness.

One thought on “Terminology and Categorization”

  1. Interesting factoid: When Martin Luther was translating a copy of the Bible into German, he was so insistent on the accuracy of his translation that he rendered Christ’s words (in German) as “I am the A and the O.”

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