Because the Domesticat Is She Who Must Be Obeyed

Because Amy demands it, a music meme:

Amount of music on your computer?

A lot, but probably not as much as most people I know, as I haven’t really downloaded many tunes since the demise of Napster. I’m always snowed in with CDs, so I don’t have time to download anything. That would just lead to more CD purchases, and that’s just not what I need right now. I mean, have you seen this ridiculous thing?

Currently listening to?

Sonny Landreth – Grant Street (live)
Steve Vai – Real Illusions
Stereolab – Margarine Eclipse
The Perceptionists – Black Dialogue
The Mercury Program – Confines of Heat

Five songs that mean a lot to you?

That’s too broad. How about:

Songs that make me want to roll down the windows and sing like a carefree, overly caffeinated nerdboy:

“New Mistake” – Jellyfish
“I Won’t Worry” – Jason Mraz
“What a Drag” – Sugarbomb
Everything by the Merrymakers, Tories, and Churchills

Songs that tell great eternal truths:

“People are Strange” – The Doors
“Everybody Hurts” – REM
“You Can’t Always Get What You Want” – The Rolling Stones

Songs that reduce me to a sobbing blob:

“Inconsolable” – Jonatha Brooke
“Dreams to Remember” – Otis Redding
“The Lighthouse’s Tale” – Nickel Creek

Songs that have described my life in startling detail:

“Neon”- John Mayer
“1983” – John Mayer
“Beautiful (Coulda Woulda)” – The Churchills
“What a Drag” – Sugarbomb

Top five albums (7 because Moses Leroy and UNKLE will not be silenced by arbitrary numerical conventions):

De La Soul – Three Feet High and Rising
Steve Vai’s Passion and Warfare
Dream Theater – Images and Words
Jellyfish – Spilt Milk
The Merrymakers – Bubblegun
UNKLE – Psyence Fiction
The Incredible Moses Leroy – Electric Pocket Radio

Last album bought?

The new Churchills and Jackdaw4 from
4th Avenue Jones – Stereo: the Evolution of Hiprocksoul
Jupiter Jazz – Jupiter Jazz
A couple Of Montreal discs

Recent discoveries?

4th Avenue Jones
Jupiter Jazz