Interesting Things About Drilling in Alaska

Here are some things I discovered in The Week today about the drilling that will most likely go on in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) soon:

  • “The oil will most likely not go to the U.S. Because the global oil market knows no national boundaries, oil is usually shipped to the most convenient market…probably to Japan, Korea, and other Asian markets.”
  • “Most of the big companies are dubious whether it will prove economically rewarding to pump oil in ANWR…Chevron Texaco, British Petroleum, and Conoco Phillips have stopped paying Artic Power, ANWR’s leading pro-drilling lobbying group; Exxon Mobil still contributes, but only minimally. ‘No oil company really cares about ANWR,’ one Bush administration official told The New York Times. ‘If the government gave them leases for free, they wouldn’t take them.'”

WTF? Why the hell are we doing this thing if not to help ease our reliance on foreign oil? Who benefits from this if even Big Oil isn’t excited about it? Who is pushing for this and why? This is seriously freaking me out.

One thought on “Interesting Things About Drilling in Alaska”

  1. I read that in “THE WEEK” as well. Great magazine, and yes, I have no idea what that means as far as why it was being pursued.

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