VH1 Classic: The Great Equalizer

One of the many great things about Vh1 Classic is that very often all sense of context is removed. While watching the All Request Hour the perky hostess actually used New Kids on the Block and The Church in the same sentence. It’s as though all semblance of genre or demographics has been completely cast aside.

In short, it’s how I would like the world to be.

I spent almost the entire weekend in the house, recovering from illness. I watched Billy Wilder’s Irma La Douce (mmm Shirley MacLaine circa 1963) and finished reading Steve Martin’s beautiful novella, Shopgirl. Katherine brought me some Vietnamese food last night, which was so good. Today I took a walk around the neighborhood in a warm light rain. I stopped off at Juan and Heather’s to say hi; their daughter Tori just passed the one year mark. I worked in the yard a bit, and washed the car. Matt ordered a pizza and we watched The Big Bounce.

And last but not least, Odie joins the ranks of the Pointed Stick blogs.