More Qwantzing, and the Weekend

Now I’ve started thinking in outline form during band rehearsals.

Things She Is
– A Brick House
– A mighty mighty, letting it all hang out
– Stacked, and that’s a fact
– Built like an Amazon

When we’re together
– everybody knows, this is how the story goes

Things that make an old man wish for younger days
– the clothes she wears
– her sexy ways

Things she knows
– she’s got everything that a woman needs to get a man
– she’s built
– how to please
– how to knock a strong man to his knees

Last weekend was fantastic. Heather and Kristin had a yard sale and it was basically just an excuse for everyone to hang out on their porch in the perfect weather and drink and grill and play guitar. I was there from 11AM to 1AM. It’s the way life should always be. The fine weather continued into Sunday where I spent most of the day on my porch reading Dave Eggers’ A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius.

I have a porch. I also have a backyard which needs work. I neglected to purchase a weed eater on Sunday, but I did buy a shovel and a cultivator (claw thingy) because Katherine wants to grow an herb garden at our place.