Much Goings On

Last night I went to Memphis to check out Steve Vai‘s show at the New Daisy Theatre. My previous two experiences seeing Vai were both abbreviated G3 appearances, but this was a full 2+ hour show. Quite a difference. I heard many many notes. Several of them high and squealy. Steve make guitar go zoom zoom. I think they may have had an off night, though. I’m a fan of maniacal guitar abuse, but even I was a little worn out by the end. We were in the balcony so we missed all of Billy Sheehan‘s bass; the signal probably just went straight under us. And the venue…good lord the New Daisy needs some ventilation. It was like living inside an enormous cigarette. Bleah. I still smell it.

My drums arrived yesterday as well. I would be putting them together right now were it not for the fact that it’s painfully cold outside in the garage. The weather should warm up soon, though. Hopefully it will be tolerable tomorrow.

Also I met with Mara Leveritt from Arkansas Times today. She’s doing a piece on blogging and wanted some info on blogging in general and me specifically. I have to admit I’m a little concerned about the publicity this might generate. I mean, what if people actually started reading this crap?