Dammit Pantera

Dimebag Darrell. Shot down onstage. I have to admit it’s something of a Klingon way to die for a metal guitarist. At least he didn’t OD or crash into anything. This is the guy who, when Guitar World asked him about touring necessities, he made sure to include acid (“for long bus trips“) on his list. Despite that, I’ll always admit that the first two Pantera albums were classic metal records that showed a lot of ingenuity, but afterward they failed to remain innovative or creative. In post-grunge metal, only he and Zakk Wylde seem to be allowed to play guitar solos. Now there’s one less great guitarist. We all move up a notch.

Interesting point made on Fark.com:

In America a Beatle was attacked by a pyscho and died.
In Britain a Beatle was attacked by a pyscho and survived.

The obvious difference being that in America, Mark David Chapman had access to a gun. Of course, as Heath pointed out regarding the Churchill/Hitler comment below, you can find a statistic to support any damn ludicrous position you want.