The Guitar Project

Finally, it is done.

Japanese Advertising Yearbook 1958

The picture is a little bright, but you get the idea. I think I’ve mentioned before that I got a book of Japanese advertising art from 1958 at a book sale at the Arkansas Arts Center. So impressed was I with these works that I wanted to put them on a guitar. When I purchased the $150 Ibanez in Dallas in March, I knew I had the perfect instrument for the job. Through much trial and error I settled on a process whereby I scanned in my favorite ads and a matte of the guitar’s shape. I arranged the ads inside the matte shape, stretching and resizing to fit the curves of the body. Then I printed them out in four pieces onto white contact paper. Contact paper doesn’t take ink well, so I put down a layer of transparent contact paper over that. Then I cut them out and stuck them to the guitar.

I played it at the Superflux gig at Cajun’s last Saturday; hopefully soon Steve will have the pictures over at