Jason Lee is Fletch, dammit.

Jason Lee won't play Fletch in Kevin Smith's Fletch Won. Miramax says he's not big enough to open a movie. Bastards. Kevin's list of contenders now includes: Ben Affleck, Brad Pitt, Will Smith, Jimmy Fallon and Adam Sandler. Each name screams "not good enough" to me except Fallon. But Fallon is even more unproven than Lee, so he's the dark horse candidate. Also, Fallon would have to deal with the Chevy Chase shadow since he's got Chevy's old job already at "Weekend Update."

I bought the out-of-print hardcover of Fletch Won on ebay and I've already read the book with Lee in my mind. It would've been a great flick. Kevin has the script done, but Miramax is so adamant about not having Lee that they'll let the rights lapse if Kevin doesn't comply. The gory details can be found at News Askew August archive (August 13 and 14 entries).

By the way, all the Fletch books are back in print in paperback – I highly recommend them if you like comedy-mysteries I've also read Confess, Fletch. Look in your local bookstore or library under Gregory McDonald.