Taxes Before Death?

With the deficit at a record high and set to only get higher, I have to ask, is there some fundamental division between Republican and Democrat economics such that Republicans like to borrow money and Democrats like to tax? Which method works better? Isn’t it kind of like buying stuff with a credit card versus making yourself work harder for more money? When the US borrows billions, from whom are we borrowing and what are the interest rates?

And if we’re going to finance a $48 billion-a-year war, shouldn’t we tax the populace more? I think that would make us far less likely to support the war effort. We can tolerate our troops being in danger but if we had to pay for them to go, I think we’d be much more reticent to get involved. Death we can handle, it’s taxes we really seem to have a problem with.

Our deficit for this last fiscal year stands at 455 billion. Divide that by our population of 291 million and it would mean that each of us would have to pay $1,563.00 in tax to pay it off. Ouch. And that’s just the deficit, so add that to your regular annual taxes.

Last weekend I played a frat party on a boat.