Tip Your Pizza Deliveryperson

Fark had a link to dozens of true pizza delivery stories recently and I’ve now read through several of them. I’m continually fascinated by these stories because I always wonder about people and how they live their home lives. There are some seriously freaky people in this world, and they order pizza just like the rest of us. These stories offer interesting peeks into the national fabric, case studies of eccentrics, deviants, criminals and weirdos. Tip your pizza deliveryperson well.

One thought on “Tip Your Pizza Deliveryperson”

  1. One of my friends hung a dummy from a noose in a tree over their driveway as a Halloween decoration, but they were late taking the decoration down. When they ordered a pizza one night in November and it was still hanging out there, I wondered whether the police would show up instead of the pizza guy. (I had heard a couple of news stories about real suicides being mistaken for Halloween decorations; so I wondered if the inverse would happen here.)

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