“The Curse of Wikipedia,” Or “And We’re Back”

Oh Wikipedia. You are such a lovely thing to behold. You bring me traffic and I adore you but sometimes I am crushed under your massive girth. Indeed, yesterday’s featured Dogpatch article was too much to bear for our tiny adorable little server. We exceeded our bandwidth and were shut down for the latter part of yesterday and early today. I had The Man increase our bandwidth to 600 Megs (up from 300), so hopefully that will prevent this sort of thing from happening again any time soon. Ah the vagaries of Internet traffic.

3 thoughts on ““The Curse of Wikipedia,” Or “And We’re Back””

  1. Sorry it brought your server down. I really enjoyed the pictures. It’s amazing how fast nature took back the buildings. I have never heard of Dogpatch before and I find the juxtaposition between the present and the past very fascinating. It remidns me of “Box of Moonlight” with John Turturro…he plays a man who goes back to a childhood theme park and finds it doesn’t exist anymore.

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