Some random comments:

I find it ironic that the word “monosyllabic” has 5 syllables.

If you find yourself wondering, “what the hell is the Fibonacci series?” Well, now you can find out: http://www.textism.com/bucket/fib.html

Taco Bell has done something I never thought I’d see a major fast food chain do: they improved their product without increasing the price, and actually improved the healthiness of it by a smidgen. They’ve introduced the “Fresco” style of their products – which entails replacing cheese with a light salsa. So instead of cheese, you essentially get diced tomatoes. Hoo-Ra! They’re marketing it as a lower-fat, healthier option, which, as a statement from Taco Bell, is almost too ironic to exist.

Their website even has a nutritional chart. Somehow I think this might someday become admissible court evidence in another “Your company made me fat” case, but I’m glad to have it.

Also, never buy squeezable jelly. Squeezing the jelly from its container is an unnecessarily laborious process. The visual and auditory similarities to certain rectal expulsion processes is too great to be ignored, thus thoroughly ruining any appetite one may have previously had.