Subway Lessons

If you ever find yourself at an F/V station in Manhattan during rush hour, know that the general pattern of the trains is this:

  1. Long wait – Platform population increases
  2. V train – Platform population increases and people get impatient because so few people ride the V train home
  3. F train – Everybody crams in, so nobody gets a seat
  4. F train – Far fewer people around, seats are plentiful

It’s a realization that occurred to me only when step 3 once left me behind because the train was packed.

I’ve also learned that, despite the convenient location of the Union Square stations near my office, it’s really not worth getting on the 6 train to Bleecker to get on the F. The crowds are are worse and the waits are longer (although this is the route I have to take if I need to stop off at the K-Mart at Astor Place – because Target in Brooklyn is not worth the effort). My F stop at 14th street is a half mile from the office, but it’s worth the walk.