Terra Firma

I’m now sitting in my apartment in Brooklyn watching a light snow fall. Pictures now on Flickr. The drive went well, although there was a lot of sleet and rain from DC to Baltimore. I think I paid $16 in tolls between Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey and New York. I only had to drive through Brooklyn for a few miles, so I only had a small taste of NYC traffic. The BQE[1] is one crappy, pothole-encrusted stretch of elevated freeway. Fortunately the apartment was easy to find, AND I got a sweet unmetered parking spot around the block that’s good until street cleaning on Thursday. Unfortunately there’s no parking on my street, but the parking spot is so close that I can only assume it’s part and parcel of the series of good fortunes that have brought me here.

I had a great time living at Tracy’s for a couple of days. We watched Ocean’s Thirteen and the first two discs of Sports Night. Tuesday night we had Thai, Wednesday night we ordered out (calzone and sandwiches), and Thursday night we made a proper dinner[2]. Good times.

Pictures of the neighborhood coming soon.

1.) Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. Because I have to use the lingo.
2.) And by that I mean we picked up a rotisserie chicken and bag of salad from the grocery store, plus instant mashed potatoes.

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  1. I’m glad you made it ok. I was looking up LR blogs and your’s popped up on page 2. Good thing, b/c I hadn’t checked back since you left. Hope all goes well for you there, but I’ll miss hanging out.

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