I’m tired. The last few weeks have been a lot of work. The first gigs of the new Bryan Frazier band went well. Riverfest was a lot of fun to play – the weather was perfect and the stage guys totally made me feel like a rockstar by providing me with a guitar stand and by taping down my setlist. Bryan got a good recording of the show so hopefully I can make that available to people soon.

Working Riverfest wasn’t as eventful as previous years. Pat Benetar was a diva who didn’t consort with the help. Keb Mo was laid back and cool, though. I didn’t take many pictures at all this time. On Sunday Trey and I drove up to Harrison for my grandmother’s 93rd birthday. She’s been dealing with cancer for over a year now and beating everyone’s expectations.

This morning I posted several things on Freecycle, which is something everyone needs to know about. It’s a way to get rid of things by giving them to people rather than taking them to the landfill. You post a message with what you’ve got, someone responds and they come pick it up. I got responses in less than an hour. I’m glad to finally be cleaning out the garage. It’s my first step toward the large-scale divestiture that I’ll need to consider if I’m serious about moving.

Did I say moving? Yes, I’m debating moving to New York City. Have I mentioned that? It’s been in the back of my mind since Arika encouraged me to consider it last February when I stayed with her. I’ve got a lot of friends there now, and money isn’t the obstacle it once was. The thing is, Little Rock is comfortable and I have a lot of stuff I’d have to live without were I to move.

In other news I’ve been catching up with an old high school acquaintance, Michelle Arcand, via MySpace. She’s really done well for herself creatively; she has come a long way from the girl I remember. I’m always interested in how people change over time because I still don’t feel like I’ve ever really changed since junior high.

6 thoughts on “Overdue”

  1. oooo nyc… there needs to be more arkansasans in my neck of the woods… so move already! we may even end up in nyc once jess is done with the mfa (although i’m crossing fingers and toes that we stay in new england)

    see you at the end of the month!

  2. Hmm. I popped over here expecting that several other people would have said this already, but I guess I’ll be the first.

    You’ve been someone who has, over the years, supported a lot of us as we’ve gotten brave, shaken our wings out, and tried flying.

    If it’s your turn then, hon, go with all the hugs and blessings and good cheer I can muster.

  3. Booo! You haven’t given Seattle a chance yet! 😉 Well, at least do me the favor of not leaving until we can visit this August.

  4. If you don´t make the move, you will always wonder what you missed in trying something new. Plus you can always come back to Arkansas in the winter when it gets cold in NYC.

  5. If I left, I don’t think I could ever come back to Arkansas, because then I’d beat myself up over everything I gave up to make the move. I’d be giving up a lot: a really good job that I enjoy and that needs me, a house in a great neighborhood, and various material comforts.

  6. ok, so i am a bit behind w/ reading your blog 😉
    but, Wow! NYC!
    who says you cant get “a really good job that i enjoy and that needs me” in the City? and here’s the typical katie lecture about nice house/material stuff= bfd 😉 you’ll have more varied Experiences there, and Those, and Relationships with Others, is what makes people happy.
    Plus, you can Always move back at whatever point and have, again, the house/neighborhood/stuff.
    rant over. you’ve got my support!

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