The Quest for Furniture Begins

Saturday Katherine and I went sofa shopping. We found some contenders, but even more fun was lunch at Hooters. Neither of us had ever eaten at a Hooters, and we’re both big fans of intrepid dining[1], so we went. The food was horrible of course, but the atmosphere was enhanced by the Razorback game. I got Katherine a balloon that said “I ♥ Hooters.”

Sunday Heather and I drove around aimlessly in her mom’s convertible BMW. Great weather for it.

One year ago today, I landed in Houston to find this:

Hurrican Rita had just blown over and the airport was nearly empty. I had a hard time getting home. Full story from the vacation travelogue.

1.) Eating somewhere you’ve never even before simply for the sake of doing so.

2 thoughts on “The Quest for Furniture Begins”

  1. I suppose that’s should say “I [heart] Hooters,” but I’m seeing “I | Hooters.” Which led me to think, “What the hell is ‘I Pipe/Vertical Bar Hooters’ supposed to mean?”

    Feh. Fonts.

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