Zoe Goes Home

Zoe is off to Utah today. Matt’s friend picked her up sometime this afternoon, so this is my first day in well over a year of coming home to no dog. It’s a bummer. I went to the backyard and found that Stinkfoot had killed a mother mouse and was in the process of taking out a baby, so I prevented that. I don’t need any more depression around here.

I’m really going to miss having Zoe. She was the best dog anyone could ask for – she was talented, intelligent, and did what she was told, most of the time.

No more frisbee. No more trips to Petsmart. No more walks through Hillcrest at sundown, like we did last night. I picked up some Chinese food and gave Zoe some choice pork bits as we sat in front of the post office.

On the bright side: no more fleas, no more cleaning dog hair off the rug and bath mat, no more worrying about her constant scratching, no more smelly house and car. And I can wake up on weekends whenever I want now.

It was about a 60/40 split on giving her up. I’ll probably start bawling later tonight or tomorrow as I start to realize how much of a part of me I’ve lost.