Freakish Coincidences

So I’m a big fan of this guy Bryan Beller, bass player for Mike Keneally. Bryan has just recently moved to Nashville, and in looking for work has set up a transcription service. Send him a tune and he’ll transcribe it. When I read this in his email newsletter, I immediately thought, “hmm, bass player offering transcriptions…I should commission a transcription of John Patitucci’s “Scophile,” one of the knottiest melodies in the known jazz-rock universe.

I keep reading the rest of his newsletter, and as I scroll to the bottom he says he’ll have a column in the next issue of Bass Player magazine wherein he will transcribe the melody[1] to John Patitucci’s “Scophile.”

Now, kids, that’s just freaky. And because you have no idea what I’m talking about, here’s the song in question:

John Patitucci – Scophile (right click to save as..)

And for those who might care, here’s the column in question, Bryan Beller’s Woodshed at

1.) Or “head” as the jazzers call it.