Vacation All I Ever Wanted

I need to decide soon on where I want to take my vacation. From a scheduling standpoint, I should go the weekend of August 5th and thereafter. Where should I go? I’m thinking I’ll go to New York in October, so my choices for August are Los Angeles for the International Pop Overthrow, or London, to check out John and Susan’s gallery. Or someplace else? I still haven’t been to Seattle to see Heather and Ben. But for some reason Seattle just doesn’t excite me as a city. What do y’all think?

4 thoughts on “Vacation All I Ever Wanted”

  1. Shockingly enough, I kind of agree with you. Seattle is one of those places that isn’t best experienced on a short vacation… there’s lots of good music, bars, etc., but the city is barely over 100 years old, so there’s not a unique feel to it like older cities. I was just in Vancouver last weekend, and the downtown is all new and shiny just like Seattle… not my cup of tea.

    However, of all the people I know, I think you’d really like the best of it; there’s cheap shows every night, there’s TONS of used record stores, and you’re big enough of a music nerd that you’d love the EMP (Experience Music Project). Not to mention all the great little hangouts and coffee shops.

    Just ask Amy — she lurved it here. Too bad you missed Summer Solstice! The parade was a doozy this year.

  2. TONS of used record stores, she says? Uh-oh…that’s really most of what I do when I travel anyway. Hmm, Seattle looking better…are you guys free around then?

  3. Indeedily-doodlely! We’ll just have returned from California. The only thing on our schedule after August 8th is Ani Difranco on the 18th, so we’re pretty free in the evenings. No vacation for either of us, though, sadly… we’ll be working 8 to 5.

    If that weekend in August isn’t set in stone, you should really consider coming out here around Labor Day for the Bumbershoot festival: And should you decide to wait on Seattle for a little while, you should come on out to Sasquatch next year. Check out who came this year:

    Check me out, I’m a veritable travel agent.

  4. But wait, I’m a moron. We’re going to be gone Labor Day weekend. Argh!
    And there’s really good folks at Bumbershoot this year!

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