Driving across the river bridge this morning I saw a man walking north in the soutbound lane of the interstate. For those who don’t know, the dowtown river bridge is three lanes on both sides with no room for pedestrians to walk. I noticed the man was carrying a gas can. I then passed by his stalled car just beyond the halfway point of the bridge. For the next two miles I saw the bumper-to-bumper madness, a product of his motionless vehicle in the right hand lane.

That guy knows the blues. To run out of gas on the interstate, on a bridge with no shoulder, and to have to get out of the car, go get gas and come back…that’s about the deepest troubles a motorist can have. At least with an accident, you have it and it’s over. This guy has to continually be in danger just to get some gas. Never again will I complain about having a bad morning.