Greetings from Sunny Santa Monica

I’m typing from my cousin David’s Mac G4 laptop at his apartment. I have a lot of email backed up, so my apologies if anyone still hasn’t heard from me. So far the trip has been stellar. Erika and her friend Amy took me to Sacramento, which was a surprising delight. I have walked across San Francisco (from the Ferry Building to Golden Gate Park) and I should have a great many pictures to post when I get back. I have eaten some spectacular meals with amazing wines, and I’ve already bought far too many records and CDs. Yesterday I drove Highway 1 and 101 to Los Angeles; it was such a beautiful trip, I’ll defer my thousand words to each of the dozens of pictures I’ve taken. Today David and I did the guitar shops on Sunset and took in the scenery at Venice Beach. In a few hours, we’ll head to the Baked Potato. Tomorrow I’m off to the OC to see my friend Tracy. I’ll be driving my enormous rental Buick. Avis was out of compacts, so I got a free upgrade to a land yacht. It has XM Satellite Radio, which was new to me, so I can’t complain. On the trip yesterday I mostly switched between MusicLab and the Loft. Good stuff. That’s all for now. Maybe I’ll update before Sunday, but probably not.