3 Down, 1 To Go

Well the latest issue of Nightflying features a small shout-out to me from radio diva Carole Kramer in her column. She was talking about the recent Eric Johnson show and she recounted the Duracell story and credited me as the source. Legend has it that Eric Johnson can hear the difference between Duracell and Energizer batteries when they’re in his footpedals. Even more amazing is the story that Eric once requested that only all-original screws be in place on a vintage Fender amp that he bought from Johnny Adams at Atomic Guitars years ago. Johnny had to cannibalize some vintage screws from another amp of the same era. Eric is one tone-obsessed freak; and it certainly shows in his playing.

Anyway, I’ve now been referenced in Nightflying, Arkansas Times, and Localist, so I have only the Little Rock Free Press to conquer before I can consider myself the king of all freebie Arkansas media.

Somewhat sad to note (but who knows what the future will bring), Localist as a print publication has ceased to be. Word from head honcho TJ Deeter is that it will move into becoming an entirely web-based magazine. Sounds exciting; I just hope that it will come together soon to replace their current, and very lame, website.