Official Declaration of Vacation

I bought my tickets. Now it’s for real. In September I’m flying to California for vacation. I’ll land in San Francisco and be guided about by my friend Erika who works north of the city in the wine country. Then I’ll rent a car and drive down the coast to LA to meet up with my cousin David and hopefully my friends Tracy and Mary. I’m hoping to catch Chris Poland at The Baked Potato on Thursday the 22nd and Jon Brion at Largo on Friday the 23rd. Other than that I have no real goals other than to be some place else and find interesting pictures to take.

2 thoughts on “Official Declaration of Vacation”

  1. Sorry, I’m heading in the opposite direction. I actually debated heading north rather than south, but I want to really give LA a chance. My only previous experience with it was an all-too-short weekend in 2001. Plus the drive from SF to Seattle is 10 hours, whereas LA is 5. So. There you have it and there you have it. Next year I’m thinking Seattle to see y’all and Portland to see Heath.

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