Dog and Cats Living Together…Mass Hysteria

I was just flipping through the channels (yes, Comcast still hasn’t disconnected my cable) and saw Pat Buchanan on Hardball with Chris Matthews. Ordinarily I wouldn’t give either of these savage twits the time of day but since The West Wing was on commercial, I figured what the heck and gave them a couple of minutes to speak to me. What followed was nothing short of a paradigm shifting without a clutch.

On this day, September 7, 2004, I fully agreed with every word that spilled from the mouth of erstwhile Presidential candidate and noted religious whack-job Patrick J. Buchanan.

I screamed in a toxic mixture of confusion and relief, which I imagine is how people must feel when Spiderman saves their child – suddenly this insect-man-thing comes to the rescue out of nowhere? Seems old Pattycakes is breaking from the party line and writing his own Bush administration-dissing tome. It’s called, ever so cleverly, Where the Right Went Wrong. Click this link to the Drudge Report’s list of quotations from Buchanan’s book and read along at home. Periodically pause to remind yourself that this is the man who called AIDS “nature’s retribution” to homosexuals, and who said “our culture is superior because our religion is Christianity.”

Looking at the quotations from his book, I could not ask for a more striking sign of the Apocalypse than the fact that, at least for today, Pat Buchanan provided me with a voice of reason and a breath of fresh air. Were I looking for a surer sign of the End Times, I have found it. What does it say about this administration when the liberals are standing hand in hand with the likes of Pat Buchanan?