Google Boondoggle and Meeting the Parents

Evidently Google has started smoking crack. The ranks for a lot of my clients appear to be based on CrackRank™ technology, whereby the #1 position is determined by a blindfolded monkey who has been spun around several times in the dark.

Friday night I met Natalie’s family for a big steak dinner at their place. They’re a fun bunch. Just as friendly and offbeat and smart and talented as she is, which only makes sense I suppose. The food was fantastic and afterward we adjourned to the living room for music and relaxation. Apparently everyone in the family plays an instrument – Natalie played some piano, her mom played as well, along with Natalie’s brother James on soprano sax. Maybe I’ve not been to enough homes, but I feel like this sort of familial merriment just doesn’t happen much anymore.

And her dad gave me Costa Rican beer. In fact I don’t recall any non-specialty beer in their fridge. Which is really nice.