All year I’ve been saying that by October I’d have some clearer idea about whether or not I would stay in New York. Here we are halfway through October and I’m still at an impasse. For me, Little Rock and New York are essentially the same in terms of net appeal. There are things each has that the other does not. I guess my only option is to give it more time and see if something comes up to pull me strongly in one direction or the other.

That said, I had a great time being back in Arkansas. I caught up with a few friends, had a small family reunion at my uncle’s birthday gathering, and attended a wedding (Jessie and Tiffany’s pictures are better than mine).

One side effect of being stuck on where I belong is that I haven’t been motivated to write or play guitar much. Limbo does not lend itself to creativity. Most days when I get home from work I just watch a DVD and goof off on the web[1]. I haven’t even gotten much reading done.

As of tomorrow I will have been working at American Express for one year. I don’t want to procrastinate on a decision, because time is moving ever faster these days. One thing I can say is that I should stick with the job until I’ve paid off the heating/cooling unit that Trey had installed earlier this year. I’ve got a few more thousand to go on my Amex card to do that. Then I’d like to have something saved up for travel if/when I move back, so really, I’m going to put off a decision until early next year.

1.) I actually spent an hour or so last night looking at photos of streetlights, traffic lights and power lines. I find this level of esoterica endlessly fascinating. I think I’m becoming addicted to information.

6 thoughts on ““Home””

  1. So you’re working at American Express to pay off American Express? That’s hilarious!

    Maybe you can just have them send your paycheck direct to the credit card division – you could even negotiate a discount since they’re not incurring any charges for processing and handling ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Well technically I’m not an Amex employee. I’m a contractor via another company. And I do all my account maintenance online so there’s no ‘handling.’

  3. I vote Little Rock! Of course, after nearly 2 years in the big city of Atlanta, I feel we’ve done justice to all the restaurants, shows, cultural opportunities, etc not as readily available back home, and now we just miss our family, friends, etc. I also want to own a home and travel more again… and you can live pretty cheap in good old LR…

  4. Tough choice. Have you put down roots in NY at all? Do you feel like you’ve made any close friends that you would regret leaving as much as you regretted leaving friends in LR?

  5. It was great hanging out with you. I think you should live wherever makes you happiest. Surely NYC has to be cooler and more fun ๐Ÿ™‚

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