Saturday in the Sun

Finally the weather made it to the upper 50’s. I took a guitar and little portable amp to Tompkins Square Park to sit and play. I was only there for an hour or so; the fingers got a little cold. But I didn’t have to wear a coat! I also walked up Court Street and found some more gliders (cheaper this time, so I bought one). And thanks to daylight savings time, I can see the city better when I get home.

Lately I’ve been noticing things more on the ground – a dying flower, a spray bottle, and pairs of shoes and mittens. It’s rare that I find things left behind in pairs.

Also, a couple of weeks ago I got myself an early birthday present: I found a used Yamaha Ty Tabor signature model for just $300 at Guitar Center. Please, no one ask me how many guitars I already have. Tomorrow I’m 32. If I want to engage in excess, I’ve got an excuse.

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