Positively 30th Street

My wanderings on Saturday took me to 30th street, where Marty told me the best guitar shop in NYC is located. Sure enough, 30th Street Guitars was a very impressive store. Also located on that street were another great Japanese toy shop, and Waves LLC, a vintage audio store. They had the widest selection of old radios, microphones, victrolas, and other retro paraphernalia. They even had several dozen Edison cylinders, the earliest commercial audio format. And a badass 80’s boom box with turntable.

Saturday evening I walked down to Houston to meet up with my common-law sister Elizabeth, and along the way I met a sad little train, a baboon and uniformed corpse, and some decorative lights at Sugar Cafe.

Throughout the weekend several other things jumped out at me demanding to be photographed: Love, Heck, Nail, an important note, some 45s, and Friday’s snowfall.