Job Offer Accepted!

I got a job offer today and I accepted! The position is Interactive Account Manager, but the web department I’m working in is only a few months old, so everything will be flexible and TBD. The company is called Unit 7 (named for a song by jazz guitar great Wes Montgomery). Check them out here:

Their offices are fantastic. Right off Union Square in Manhattan. My commute is about 30 minutes.

The pay is great – twice what I made before, but I’m pretty sure that’s the general cost of living increase for New York. Everything here does seem to be about twice as expensive. I know that if I were to live without a roommate, my rent would be double my LR mortgage. So living with a roommate will allow me to save up a bit.

I have to say my streak of good fortune[1] is still in full effect. I got in town a week ago Tuesday, had my first job interview this last Tuesday, and got the job today. All the more surprising is that I had originally intended just to be a temp for awhile, but the recruiters nabbed me and put me out there. So I’m plunging headlong into this thing. I start on Tuesday, after the MLK holiday. Wish me luck. Hopefully my Arkansas job skills match up to the Big City.

1.) Laptop travails notwithstanding.

6 thoughts on “Job Offer Accepted!”

  1. I am so happy for you! I really liked their website. It was fun to meet your colleagues. Looking forward to a visit!

  2. Congratulations, Colter. I wouldn’t consider it luck. I would have to say that you are very skilled and you should rightfully be placed in such a position!

    You will be missed in Little Rock, but you will do very well in New York!!


  3. As an afterthought about the cost of living. What’s the price of a haircut in your neighborhood? It’s a good indicator of the cost of living. Here in Harrison it’s $9 now.


  4. Congratulations, Colter! Their website is quite attractive. That kicks total ass. It sounds like you’ll be doing quite well — I’d say you’re about right with the cost of living increase. I know people that work at Starbucks and McDonalds make twice as much in NY as in AR.

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