Beware Wireless Aircards from AT&T

Back before the road trip I signed up for a cellular wireless aircard for my laptop, so that I could have Internet access from the road. There was a 2-year service agreement, and I thought if it worked I could use it as my Internet connection in New York so $59 a month is about the going rate, right? Well, I soon discovered the service was spotty and only seemed to work near windows or outdoors. Needless to say it was not a suitable replacement for a conventional earthbound net connection. I really should have canceled it when I got off the road. Time is money, and so procrastination is expensive. Turns out there was a buyer’s remorse period that had long passed, and to get out of the 2 year agreement I have to pay a $175 early cancellation fee.


Interesting side note that the spell-checker pointed out to me just now: “canceled” is the proper spelling, with one “l” while “cancellation” is preferred with two of them. This makes no sense.

2 thoughts on “Beware Wireless Aircards from AT&T”

  1. if canceled is preferred–i think the airlines still use cancelled–I think I will continue to use cancelled anyway–it looks right! –former English teacher

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