Short-Sleeved in Memphis

Road trip back down South has been uneventful. My first stop was the Ikea in Jersey where I had to return something. After the previous day’s adventure I went with the only route I trusted: through the industrial wastes of Elizabeth. I stopped off at the port and took some pictures, including a Bay of Pigs Memorial. I’m not sure how many of these there are in the US, but if there is only one, it somehow fits that it would be located in New Jersey. I spent another night in Alexandria hanging out with Tracy, then headed for Nashville for a couple of days with Shelley, whose dog tore into my Sports Night DVDs while we were out. After that I headed south to Huntsville to hang out with Amy and Jeff. Mostly we watched episodes of the new Dr. Who series, with which I’m now obsessed. I really should have taken more pictures, but I did get a shot of the Egg Beater Jesus mosaic. Hoping to find some curiosities in rural Tennessee I took Highway 57 to Memphis, but only found a couple things worth shooting.

Memphis has been fun as always, and after the mid-30’s temperatures in New York, I welcome the fact that I could wear a short-sleeved shirt today. I’m staying with Chris, and today I got to catch up with Roy and Christy. I met Christy’s new twins, Vaughn and Colter. Christy was looking for something unique and liked my name enough to give it to one of her children. I think he’s the only other Colter I’ve actually met.

Tomorrow Chris and I will drive up to Blytheville to hang out with his cousin and my old college chum, Molly, who just had her second child. More babies! Oy vey.

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