Deus ex Machina

Up until last week, my plan had been to go up to New York on Tuesday, making my way up at a leisurely pace, staying with friends, and arriving somewhere around the 11th. A couple of things happened last weekend to prevent this:

  1. Chris in Memphis called and said his dad was in the hospital in Searcy. I had intended to spend the first couple days of my trip in Memphis with Chris, so that put the kibosh on that.
  2. I talked to Arika, my friend in Brooklyn with whom I was planning on staying for a few days while I looked for a place, and she recently had her second child. She has developed some blood clots and will have to have surgery in the next week or so. So my presence would add an extra degree of complexity to their lives and I’d rather not do that. I had to find a new place to stay.

So for a time there was the potential for panic. Item 2 was resolved shortly after I sent out an email to my NY peeps, and Tom offered his place for me to hang for a few days, although he won’t be home from the Debbie Harry tour until the 10th or 11th.

Also, one hour after I sent the same email, I got a forward from Elizabeth from a friend of a friend looking for a roommate. I’ve been talking back and forth for the last few days with her, and it looks like I have a place lined up! It’s in the Carroll Gardens/Gowanus area of Brooklyn. The room is furnished, so I don’t have to worry about getting a bed. More details when I get up there, and here’s the new plan: I leave tomorrow with my stuff (guitars, clothes, etc), going directly up there via Nashville, Roanoke and DC. I’ll install myself, stay a few days, then hit the road for part 2 of the Road Trip where I’ll spend more time leisurely exploring the Eastern United States on my way back to Arkansas for Christmas. I’ll probably stay in Arkansas from Christmas to New Year’s.

It’s really kinda spooky how many things have just fallen into place. It’s almost enough to make me believe in The Secret. I’ll settle for the Power of Intention, though.

3 thoughts on “Deus ex Machina”

  1. carroll gardens, you say?
    my cousin Sarah used to live there, and that’s where I stayed when I’d visit. It’s awesome there! There’s a “place” called the Guido Funeral Home. I hear it’s not a funeral home, if ya knows whats I mean….

    Awesome news, Colter! I’m happy for ya! Hopefully I’ll see you when you’re around at Christmas!

  2. I love how the Wikipedia for “The Secret” describes the idea as “such a retarded idea that anybody who is stupid enough to purchase the book and see the film deserve [sic] to lose their money.” I wonder how long text will last before someone edits it out.

    Me, I’m a firm believer in chance and coincidence, and I’m glad the Brownian motion of human existence is moving you in the direction you want.

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