Why Facebook Sucks

Sure, MySpace allows people to put up crummy animated gifs and otherwise design their profiles to look like a circa 1997 GeoCities webpage, but Facebook gives people a zillion little plug-ins that don’t really do anything. I don’t log in to Facebook often, but when I do I get besieged with things I don’t understand:

1 music invitation
1 pandora invitation
3 likeness quiz requests
2 compare requests
1 tv trivia invitation
1 tv show trivia invitation
1 werewolves invitation
1 booze mail request
1 pirate invitation
1 hi five friend request
1 super wall post request
3 my questions requests
1 get superlatives invitation
1 live it up invitation
1 top friends friend request

I guess I’m just not taking advantage of the website, but the few things I’ve clicked on turned out to be utterly pointless, so I’m never sure what I’m getting into when I click on something.

Also weird is that on Facebook you can buy “gifts” for people for a dollar, and apparently all that you get is an icon to display on your page. $1 for a gif image. What a great racket they’re running.

One thought on “Why Facebook Sucks”

  1. You dissin’ my “My Question” invitation? Punk.

    I mostly agree with you that the announcement of Facebook as a “development platform” has spawned more useless crap since the time that Al Gore invented the Internet. I especially agree with the $1 icon gifts business. Maybe I’m not going to be part of the engine of the virtual economy. Whatever.

    The saddest part is, I expect MySpace to follow suit soon. Innovation be damned … someone else is making money (or at least says that they are) and it must be copied ad infinitum. Thus useless crap begat more useless crap.

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