Rodrigo Y Gabriela

These kids must have the best marketing team ever. I keep seeing them mentioned in all the magazines and blogs, and I am completely impressed by the fact that people enjoy them. They are fantastic, but musically they are doing nothing that Megadeth and Pantera haven’t done. They just do it in a different format. Indie rockers are apparently allowed to enjoy virtuosity when it comes in an unfamiliar context. And the added novelty of the female guitarist cranks up the appeal a few notches.

And by the same token, we’ll sadly never see Al DiMeola. John Mclaughlin or Paco DeLucia in Spin or Blender. Rodrigo Y Gabriela are the Gypsy Kings for a new generation. Here’s hoping more kids start playing guitar as a result. This may be the only way to get kids excited about playing the ever loving crap out of their guitars again.