Clarification: Procrastination

The details of my road trip plan mentioned below are to venture forth to these destinations and persons west:

Dallas: Owenses, Odegards, Allison/Rodney
Austin: Rixes
Dalhart: To witness and photograph John Todd Drive, named for my grandfather
San Diego: Meredith
Los Angeles: David, Mary, Nikki, Erin
San Francisco: Erika, Amy
Seattle: Matthewses, Eberts
UPDATE: Roslyn, Washington – aka Cicely, Alaska from TV’s Northern Exposure
Salt Lake City: Matt, Zoe
Laramie, WY: Heather
Oklahoma City: Harrelsons
Kansas City: Kevin, Michelle
St. Louis: Durhams
Blytheville: Molly
Memphis: Chris, Christy and newborn Colter

And then back to Little Rock. On the way out east I’ll probably stop in Memphis a bit, then:

Nashville: Shelley, Glen, Bryan (he may still be on tour with Steve Vai, though!)
Huntsville: Amy/Jeff
Logansport, Indiana: Jamie
Pittsburgh: Nikki
Roanoke: Trina
Washington, D.C.: Tracy

So there you have it. It will all most likely take a month or so if I can afford a leisurely pace.

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  1. You should totally make a stop in North Bend, too — that’s where they filmed Twin Peaks. You can get authentic Twin Peaks cherry pie at a cafe there.

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