Assorted Clearance Blowout

Here are several small things hardly worth full blog entries, but that nevertheless need to be said:

  • The Under the Influence of Giants show at Vino’s Tuesday was canceled. I am sad.
  • I’m rediscovering Led Zeppelin’s “That’s the Way” and “Tangerine.” I listen to side 2 of Led Zeppelin 3 constantly now. As I listen to more vinyl I find myself becoming attached to sides. Like Side 3 of The Allman Brothers’ Eat a Peach.
  • Bryan and our new band will debut at Sticky Fingerz next Wednesday, in preparation for our gig at Riverfest at 1:30 next Saturday at the Triple S Alarm stage.
  • I was going to post a video from youtube of my friend Elizabeth playing on Conan O’Brien last week but NBC Universal already pulled it down. I swear they must pay somebody to scour youtube looking for NBC stuff. Why can’t I have that job?
  • I haven’t mentioned my new friend Jody McCall. She’s a singer-songwriter guitarist/pianist. She rules.

Also, I added new products to CafePress, Mostly artwork from high school and from this book of Japanese advertising art from 1957 that I got at the Arkansas Art Center’s book sale some years ago: