Humble to be an American

I finally got off my duff and made some t-shirts and bumper stickers at The statement is “Humble to be an American” because I’m really sick of this whole “Proud to be an American” and “Power of Pride” thing I see on bumper stickers. I’m tired of pride. It’s supposed to be a sin. Fat lot of good it’s done us thus far. I may add some more designs later about “Fighting for Responsibility,” because everyone seems to really get caught up in the idea of Fighting for Freedom but few seem to remember that freedom demands responsibility. Here’s my store address:

Buy some stuff! I only marked it up for a $1 profit. Let me know if you think I should make buttons and mugs, etc.

2 thoughts on “Humble to be an American”

  1. Thanks for that, especially this: “I don’t want to be terribly judgmental about people rediscovering their patriotism, because I think it’s a sign of how deeply lonely the American people are that suddenly they feel together. And that’s very frightening, because a rootless consumer society suddenly deciding it has something to kill for is a very frightening reality.”

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