“Technorati Tags” by Deon Camplin

Got this lovely thing back from a client’s email broadcast. I like the bookends particularly:

Comments jack chuck yellow car?
Cruzrenee banksuma linksbest celebritys paparazzi lopez fans.
Beautiful celebrity high, quality pics brittany of.
Most and sexy raialicia keysalicia.
February, january december related blog best.
Linksbest celebritys paparazzi lopez fans aguilera march?
Aguilera march, february january, december related blog best.
Postsstuff murphy carlo chiesa photoshoot technorati tags.
Most and sexy raialicia keysalicia diazcarmen zeta, miliandrew.
Comments jack chuck yellow car?

I also think “aialicia keysalicia diazcarmen zeta” would make a great chant or cheer.

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