Meta Studio 60

How to deal with being a young, unproven show in a time wherein more and more people are skipping commercials with DV-R’s and TiVo? Product placement. How to build in product placement, yet do it in such a way that you retain creative credibility? Answer: talk about product placement in the script. All the more “meta” is the fact that Studio 60 is a show about a show. So while the characters are talking ever so specifically about adding product placement for Gibson Guitars, I recall wondering why I’ve seen Gibson and Epiphone[1] banners around the set.

Add to all this the fact that last week’s episode talks about a spinoff show (see the other show about a show, 30 Rock, and its relationship to SNL), and you’ve got a complete loss of suspension of disbelief, which is the only problem I keep having with Studio 60. Fortunately it will be around for another season.

1.) Gibson-owned brand.

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