Bringing Sexy Back

This is all very hush hush, but I heard through the grapevine that Justin Timberlake is “bringing sexy back.”

Of course this begs the question….when did sexy leave? And further, if it is true that sexy did in fact depart, what makes Justin Timberlake, a man[1] whose target demographic consists entirely of females under 18 and gay Republican Congressmen from Florida above 40, think that he is qualified to bring sexy back? Wouldn’t someone with a broader appeal, say Bea Arthur or Abe Vigoda, be a more likely candidate for the job? Timberlake is the woman Michael Jackson wants to be, and frankly that’s just not appealing to most Americans.

1.) in name only.

P.S. Angel would like to point you to this far more scathing indictment of Timberlake for presuming himself sufficiently competent to retrieve “sexy” from wherever it has been banished.

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