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A fine few days. Friday I did the Hendrix Alumni Playwrights’ Theatre. I emailed a few people about it but I made the mistake of saying my parts were small so it might not be worth the drive, and this was dumb. The plays were highly entertaining and I should have forced everyone to come. Plus there was free cheese and snacks. Plus I played one of my roles as Mitch Hedberg, essentially. Everyone seemed to laugh at me a lot. But in a good way.

Saturday Heath and Mary Beth came in from Oklahoma City to visit. We watched the new Kicking and Screaming Criterion DVD with the old gang (Adnan, Kelly, Juan) and other fans (Katherine, Jason) over at Adnan’s swank new digs in The Heights. Apparently I’m now an adult as I envy him his IKEA furniture.

Which reminds me. I have money in the bank now. I’ve arrived at a point in my life in which I’m getting paid more and actually buying less. So it’s probably time to start buying things that normal people buy, i.e. furniture, a new TV, a better stereo system, etc. More on this story as it develops.

Also Saturday Bryan and I played a gig at Whitewater Tavern. It went well. I never really know how it goes, actually. I just stand there and play and no one complains. I wonder what I need to do for people to get excited.

Monday Danya and I went to see Nada Surf at Juanita’s. Great show. And long. I’m more than a little surprised that I’m still conscious right now. Afterward I met this girl Holly Ingebo, because I thought she was someone else. It’s going to continue to bug me, not knowing why she seems familiar. We talked briefly and were unable to figure it out. I mention this only because I want to put her name on the web so that maybe she’ll Google herself and contact me because I didn’t get her phone number.

3 thoughts on “In Review”

  1. If you’re seriously considering acquiring new (or new-to-you) furnishings, then you really need to check out Just ignore the name and follow the links and house tours. I have found it to be great inspiration.

  2. warning: unsolicited advice: πŸ™‚

    adults buy furniture and electronic equipment when they have a surplus of funds? i’m betting you already have things to sit on, watch, and listen to….

    if i were you (no jokes please πŸ˜‰ i would save up for An Experience…practically every happiness study says experiences, not things, please us most…so what will you Do? see, already a neater question than what will you buy πŸ™‚

  3. I neglected to mention that my primary motivation for buying the “normal” things is that all of my furniture I’ve had since college or earlier, and all of it was free. The only furniture I’ve ever paid for is my CD shelving. It’s time to buy real furniture. Now that I have the money, having a mishmash of post-collegiate castoff furniture just seems…slovenly.

    Ordinarily I would save for an Experience, but I only get one day of vacation per month, so I only have so much time annually to go and do things. I’m going to NYC for the week of Halloween.

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