They’re Getting Smarter

I got two emails today in my spam box that were very similar in structure and content. The first:

I’ve been on this project, that you were looking here at

cebastian just told to me that you unquestionabaly became aware about the arrangment on feeling like you did in college, Oh forgot, there also great at supporting me on sheding those xtra pds.

Then the boy returned to one of the upper rooms, and in spite of the hardness of the glass bench was soon deep in slumberland And how about the next three gifts? inquired the boy, anxiously

The second:

Just wanted you to hear from u about the diet, was it at

geweyne narrated to me that you unquestionabaly heard about the info on droping pds, Oh forgot, there also great at helping me on getting lean again.

If there was any other place to go, I’d like to go there
At once a crowd of excited people assembled, shouting to one another and pointing towards him in wonder

Wow. Actual attempts at coherence and sentence structure. I like that they both use “unquestionabaly,” for some reason. An attempt at gravitas, perhaps? Next thing you know, they’ll be able to find Sarah Connor.