Parent for a Day

Monday night and all Tuesday I took care of Madeline, Jennifer’s daughter, while Jenn is on the road. Madness, as I like to call her, is 8 and quite the handful. I got to do all the fun things parents do – get food, walk the neighborhood, play board games, get to bed, wake them up, drive to school, etc. I stayed at her house in Cabot and if I learned one thing, it’s that I could never fathom living in Cabot and driving to work in Little Rock every morning. It’s utter hell, and I only work in North Little Rock. The only thing worse is trying to drive back into Cabot at 5pm.

Seriously, though. Kids. I get along well with them because I’m still one of them, despite my height and mortgage. I wish I could say I look forward to having them, but really I don’t look forward to the first 5 years. Babies I have no use for. Give me a kid that is verbally coherent and fully mobile, and I’m good. If only there were some way to skip infancy….

2 thoughts on “Parent for a Day”

  1. Adoption? It’s hard as hell for kids who aren’t babies anymore to find homes, cuz people don’t think they’re as cute.

    Of course, and you’ve probably heard this before…. you say you have no use for babies, but it’s way different when it’s yours. Many a friend has had to eat those very words. 🙂

  2. Ahhhh, you know I have to comment…. give me a baby any day of the week. They sleep in the middle of the afternoon, don’t talk back or demand things like cell phones and trips to Limited Too or the Build A Bear Workshop, and they smell sooooo good (most of the time).

    However, it is nice when they get to the age where you can say “go to bed” and they understand what that means, might not like it, and might complain, but they know what you’re saying.

    All the ages are good!

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